Message From The Principal's Desk

Principal- Mrs. Pubali Roy

The weight of expectations, fear of failure, and the overwhelming workload can lead to extreme stress levels among students. This stress not only affects their mental well-being but also hampers their overall academic performance.

Exam stress can manifest in various ways, including sleep disturbances, lack of concentration, and even physical ailments. The constant pressure to perform well can take a toll on students' mental health, leading to increased levels of anxiety and depression.

It is crucial for us as a society to address this issue and provide support to our students. Schools and educational institutions should implement strategies to help students cope with exam stress. Our organisation NEW ERA PUBLIC SCHOOL also arranges this type of workshop which boosts up the students by some stress relief strategy daily meditation, quality time expense with study, time expense with nature, listening to music , reading books , talking with friends etc. Our experts also one to one motivate them and encourage them to face the challenge in every moment of life. Students also give their presentable view in this topic, they follow all the guidance also. I think this workshop will also lead to a  successful mantra in his life.